Security x-ray

Security x-ray imaging is based on an x-ray’s ability to pass through materials. This varies with different the material.  Wood and plastic are easy to penetrate with x-rays.  Metals are more dense and thus harder.  An x-ray’s penetrating power also depends on its energy. Hard x-rays are more energetic and penetrate further.  Lower energy “soft” […]

Thames Valley Police Employ the Latest X-Ray Technology to Keep the Public Safe

3DX-Ray Ltd are pleased to announce the sale of a ThreatScan®-LSC system to the UK’s Thames Valley Police. The ThreatScan®-LSC system has been purchased to support the Thames Valley Police Specialist Search Unit, for operations at public events. This system provides the unit with the capability of identifying the contents of suspect bags and packages […]

X-ray scans FAQ

This article covers x-ray scans FAQ (s).  It includes mail, baggage or industrial scanners. Q: Will using an x-ray scanner leave residual radiation?A: No. I it will not leave any trace or residue of radiation. Q:  Should workers wear a “radiation badge”?A: For people using our x-ray inspection equipment this is not normally required.  The […]

X-ray security scanning detectors

Security scanning owes its origin to photographic film.  Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays using this medium. And film has been the most widely used historic detector. Film absorbs only around 1% of x-rays . The renaining 99% escapes.  Low sensitivity due to poor absorption is film’s main disadvantage.  A significant advantage is that the detection area […]

X-ray security scanning – FAQs

Q: Is x-ray security scanning safe? A: Yes. All of our systems are completely safe. They are designed to meet or surpass safety regulations around the world.  Where appropriate, heavy shielding is in place.  You could eat your lunch safely even if it had passed through our machines, or been left on them. You can […]


3DX-Ray will be exhibiting at MILIPOL Asia-Pacific 2022 from 18th to 20th May 2022 at Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore. Find us on stand 1724 where we will be showcasing our new AXIS™-CXi cabinet x-ray scanning system and ThreatScan®-AS1, an integrated amorphous silicon portable x-ray system. Visitor Registration for MILIPOL Asia-Pacific 2022  

A guide to X ray scanning

X-rays were discovered in 1895. The first medically useful X ray scanning followed within a year. Industrial use blossomed after WWII with the introduction of isotopes such as cobalt-60 and caesium-137. These gradually replaced the use of dangerous radium and radon. Early industrial applications included checking Welding Machined parts Pipe wall and pressurized piping Storage […]

Ferromagnetic contraband detection for correctional facilities

Walk By Metal Ferromagnetic contraband detection   3DX-Ray has launched a Walk By Metal Detector for its ferromagnetic contraband detection system. It reveals hidden mobile phones, weapons and contraband. It is also ideal for screening in public places, high footfall areas and mass events. Ferromagnetic contraband detection (FMDS or MAD – Magnetic Anomaly Detector) is […]