Handheld identification of drugs, explosives and chemicals made easy

The 3DX-100 Indicator is just one of the great products that we will be showing at this year’s International Security Expo, Olympia, London on stand number F70. So, come and see us and find out more. The 3DX-100 Indicator identifies solid and liquid chemical substances in seconds using Raman technology. The instrument is easy to […]

Portable X-ray security in a dangerous world

Portable X-ray security helps ensure public safety. The world we live in is becoming increasingly dangerous.  It is imperative to give bomb detection teams efficient, portable tools.  Only then can they overcome terrorist and other threats. Only then can they protect the public. At 3DX-ray we offer two types of portable tools.  They include a […]

Come and see us at International Security Expo 2022

Come and see our x-ray security systems, which combine high image quality with ease of use and competitive pricing. Stand number F70 – Register now https://lnkd.in/e5Ydi3bG Olympia London on 27 – 28 September 2022#xray #security #eod #ied #bombdisposal #bombtechnician #bombtech #bombsquad #3dxray #bordersecurity #criticalinfrastructureprotetction

Portable materials discrimination for x-ray systems

Our portable materials discrimination X-ray systems can differentiate between metals, inorganic and organic materials. It allows security specialists to identify explosives, guns, knives and other threats.  Most portable x-ray systems use grey scale (black and white) imaging for materials discrimination.  We use a three-colour atomic number (Zeff) system. This is far superior to the standard […]

Letterbomb security x-ray for mailrooms and couriers

Letterbomb security x-ray is vital in our increasingly dangerous world.  Post and delivery services are an easy route for terrorists.  Not to mention the growing number of hoaxers, campaigners and disgruntled employees.  Our systems comply with PAS 97:2021. Packages of explosive and incendiary devices are as easy to post as a parcel.  Letters and packets […]

X-ray security scanners and safety

X-ray security scanners are safe*.  You could happily use them all day and even eat you lunch off them.  They leave no trace or residue of radiation. However, it is important to understand the radiation they use. Sources of radiation Ionising radiation occurs as either electromagnetic rays (such as x-rays and gamma rays) or particles. […]


3DX-Ray will be exhibiting at International Security Expo 2022 on 27th & 28th September 2022 at Olympia, London. Find us on stand F70 where we will be showcasing our AXIS™-CXi cabinet x-ray scanning system and ThreatScan®-AS1, an integrated amorphous silicon portable x-ray system. Visitor Registration for International Security Expo 2022  

3DX-Ray Appoints Vincent Deery as CEO

3DX-Ray Ltd has announced the appointment of Vincent Deery as Chief Executive Officer, with effect from the 1st July 2022. Vincent is a highly experienced professional whose successful career beginning at the General Electric Company has encompassed sales, marketing, and business development across high technology sectors (both public and private) including security and defence, power […]

Security x-ray

Security x-ray imaging is based on an x-ray’s ability to pass through materials. This varies with different the material.  Wood and plastic are easy to penetrate with x-rays.  Metals are more dense and thus harder.  An x-ray’s penetrating power also depends on its energy. Hard x-rays are more energetic and penetrate further.  Lower energy “soft” […]