x-ray mail threat detection for mailrooms

We live in an increasingly dangerous world.  Postal and courier services are often used by terrorists, campaigners, hoaxers and disgruntled employees.  Mailrooms and post rooms have been considered a “soft” option.  The effective way to protect staff and prevent hoax disruption is to use x-ray mail threat detection system. The system complies with British Standards […]

CTX & DSEI 2021, 14-16 September 2021, ExCel London

  3DX-Ray will be exhibiting at the Counter Terror Exhibition from 14-16 September 2021. DSEI is also being held at the same time. Find us on stand CT750 where we will be showcasing our new AXIS-CXi cabinet x-ray scanning system. CTX & DSEI 2021 – register to visit


Public and sporting events, conferences and exhibitions are open to disruption from both real threats and hoaxes. Mobile and portable x-ray event security keep the public safe and can do so without creating long queues. Our public event security products help officials achieve these goals. They help combat modern security and terrorist threats and keep […]

Boston Power – a case study in guaranteeing manufacturing integrity

Boston Power is a leading manufacturer of next generation lithium-ion batteries. A complex manufacturing process means that safety testing and quality control is crucial in delivering reliable products. Declan Shalvey of Boston Power, explains how installing a specialised in-line x-ray inspection system has enabled the company to continue to guarantee the safety and reliability of […]

Counter-surveillance and x-rays – a case study in delivering 100% clearance

Portable, real-time x-ray scanning systems for faster clearance Suspect item inspection EOD evaluation Customs control Vehicle scanning Gamma TSE is a government contractor to state intelligence and law enforcement agencies for surveillance and counter-surveillance projects. In high-pressured counter-surveillance environments, providing speedy, reliable ‘100% clearance’ is critical. Michael Simpson of Gamma TSE explains how deploying specialised […]

Advanced x-ray IED circuit detection training course

Most portable x-ray systems used for x-ray IED circuits detection rely on greyscale imaging modes.  This technology lags behind cabinet x-ray systems which all use materials discrimination. Materials discrimination is a better tool for finding threats with an x-ray image. It highlights organic and, inorganic material based on atomic number, not just carbon. It also […]

X-ray threat detection for high security checkpoints and events

X-ray threat detection equipment is used to combat terrorist activities, security breaches, borders and high security or crowded places. The rapid deployment ability and high-quality real-time x-ray images enable quick, safe decision making. ThreatScan® is an advanced family of highly portable hand carried units created specifically for bomb and threat detection.  Being lightweight they are […]

I-GEN a portable, battery-powered x-ray generator

The I-GEN is rapid-deployment portable x-ray generator for security and NDT.  The system does not require any dangerous (Class-9 gas) goods documentation.  Yet it can penetrate up to 34mm of solid steel. It is an advanced, x-ray, bomb and threat detection system and is also designed for industrial use.  It is a constant potential x-ray […]

Mobile x-ray car and van scanner for customs & security

3DX-RAY’s mobile x-ray car and van scanner (SVXi) enables security forces and customs officials to examine an entire vehicle quickly and safely.  Within minutes a complete image is produced with sub-millimetre resolution.  It detects both threat items and contraband. Advanced imaging processing includes materials discrimination.  This helps to identify ammunition, weapons, IEDs, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and smuggled […]

Archway walk-through Metal Detectors

Archway walk-through Metal Detectors (AMD), are also known as Walk-Through Metal Detectors (WTMDs), portal or personnel screening metal detectors.  They are used to screen people for weapons or concealed contraband. AMDs are widely used in the security of building entrances, prisons, airports, hotels and banks as well as for other venues and events. The AXISTM-A33 […]