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Portable X-Ray

Explore 3DX-Ray’s protable security X-ray scanners that are renowned and highly trusted across various industries worldwide. They are compact yet powerful scanning systems that allow for rapid deployment and ease of use, with some of the systems capable of the complete system being able to fit securely in to a backpack.


Explore 3DX-Ray’s line of security X-ray scanners that are renowned and highly trusted across various industries worldwide. With our extensive range of advanced scanners, we can provide you with the ultimate security solution that meets your needs and requirements.


X-ray equipment plays a crucial role in the industry, allowing for non-destructive testing of materials and products. Our advanced machines provide high-quality imaging and precise data analysis, ensuring the safety and reliability of your operations.

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January 1980

Where it all began

3D research group at Nottingham Trent University had been working in the field of stereoscopic 3D imaging systems for security and commercial applications. The group’s innovative work in the field led them to become known as one of the world’s leading technical authorities on 3D x-ray.

September 1996

Formation of Image Scan Holdings Group

In the autumn of 1996 a team of commercial, technical and academic parties came together to form the Image Scan Holdings group of companies that then entered into an exclusive arrangement to exploit the intellectual property from Nottingham Trent University.

February 1998

Bringing the Technology to the Security Market

With support from the UK’s Department for Transport, through the Police Scientific Development Branch, and the USA’s Transportation Security Administration, the Company carried out extensive further research and development needed to bring the novel 3D x-ray imaging technology to the security market.

June 2003

Gaining Expertise to Design and Build a Range of X-ray Systems

The Company developed the knowledge and expertise to design and build a range of x-ray systems for a number of applications and customers. In 2003 our 3D software and camera were first integrated into an OEM baggage scanner, which was successfully launched for sale worldwide in the summer of 2004.

March 2005

The Birth of Our Fully-integrated MDXi-300 Family

The MDXi-300 family of fully-integrated, transportable, turn-key x-ray inspection systems is designed for Catalytic converter inspection. The standard system is housed in a robust industrial enclosure and is fully self-contained. The system, which comes with 2-D imaging software, and unique algorithms for the control of the catalytic convertor manufacturing process.

April 2006

Supporting the British Police Forces with New Range

Delivery of the first range of portable x-ray equipment into British police forces.

July 2006

Our First Export Partner

3DX-RAY appoints its first export partner to promote its unique portable X-ray offering to the EOD teams across the globe.

June 2007

We Develop an Automated Robot-loaded Inspection System

3DX-RAY develops an automated robot-loaded inspection system and wins a contract to supply a fully in-line x-ray inspection cell for catalytic convertor production line.

November 2008

Successfully Securing a Large Chinese Contract

3DX-RAY wins a large contract for the supply of AXIS-3D systems in PR China.

June 2009

The Launch of Our FlatScan POD System

3DX-RAY launches its FlatScan POD system to be used as a rapid deployment baggage screening device at high passenger volume transit locations such as railway stations.

January 2010

Robot Integration

3DX-RAY supplies a robot-integrated portable X-ray solution.

July 2010

SVXi Product Launch

We launched our SVXi product. The SVXi vehicle scanner system enables security personnel to thoroughly inspect vehicles – even sealed units – in minutes.

January 2011

Nuclear Waste Contract

A £0.75 million contract is signed for the supply of an x-ray inspection system for use at a major nuclear facility in the UK.

April 2011

FlatScan-15 Product Launch

Our FlatScan-15 was launched in the UK at Counter Terror Expo 2011, Olympia, London. The FlatScan-15 is a smaller version of 3DX-RAY’s leading FlatScan-TPXi system – a lightweight and portable X-ray scanning system for security applications.

October 2011

CatSpect Software Announced

New CatSpect software is announced, streamlining the set up of x-ray screening equipment to enable easier analysis of items.

October 2011

ThreatSpect Software Announced

New ThreatSpect software is announced, designed for even simpler navigation and ease of use during critical security situations where precision and speed is vital.

November 2011

We have become the largest UK distributor for COMET’s x-ray products

3DX-RAY has become the largest UK distributor for COMET’s x-ray products and provides new consultancy services to help COMET’s UK customers.

April 2012

Security Solution of the Year award

The Estonian company Hansab, who provide innovative high-tech integrated security solutions to businesses, was recognised by the Estonian Security Association for sales of FlatScan-TPXi portable x-ray equipment to the Tax and Customs Board of Estonia.

July 2012

Expanded Global Reach into Africa and Asia

We signed two new contracts to supply our SVXi vehicle x-ray inspection systems to both Libya and Indonesia.

September 2012

Expanded Industrial Inspection with the Launch of the MDXi-200

The new MDXi-200 has a compact footprint that delivers a cost reduction while increasing the effectiveness of process control for organisations performing x-ray inspection on production lines.

January 2013

3D Imaging with the Launch of the FlatScan2

The launch of the FlatScan2 – the latest product in its FlatScan family of portable x-ray inspection devices.

July 2013

Contract Won with a Major Diamond Processing Facility

New contract won with a major new diamond processing facility in Africa. The deal means 3DX-RAY will supply its fully integrated and high-quality AXIS-64 system to help prevent losses from the site.

July 2014

Deeper Expansion into Asia

The signing of a new contact means that we deepen our sales reach into the emerging Asian markets with our AXIS-64 conveyor x-ray systems.

July 2014

Exclusive Supply Agreement

We announce that we have signed an exclusive supply agreement with a leading global provider of x-ray inspection solutions based in the US.

March 2015

ThreatScan-LS1 Product Launch

The launch of the ThreatScan-LS1 product at the 2015 Counter Terror Expo.

April 2017

ThreatScan-LS3 Product Launch

The launch of the ThreatScan-LS3 product in April 2017 at Milipol Asia. The LS3 is a compact format portable x-ray system.

March 2022


3DX-RAY has launched ThreatScan®-AS1 a portable amorphous silicon x-ray security and industrial system. This lightweight system delivers very high-resolution images with excellent materials differentiation. The ThreatScan®-AS1 was designed in co-operation with first responders and EOD teams. It meets the real-world needs of security field operatives beautifully. It is quick to set-up and easy to use. And creates clear, detailed, sub-millimetre images, in real-time.

October 2020


3DX-Ray has launched the AXIS™-CXi, a cabinet-based x-ray screening system that utilises the same colour-differentiating image technology used in airport baggage screening.

The AXIS™-CXi is a huge step forward in mail room scanning, as colour-differentiated images enable operators to determine not just the shape but, the nature of the materials being scanned. Orange shows organics, such as; explosives, chemicals and drugs, as well as more innocent items such as foodstuffs. Blue shows metals, such as guns, knives, and potential IED components. Green shows inorganic materials like those used in homemade explosives. Greyscale is used for the recognition of shapes and the form of objects. This allows the operator, with very little training, to analyse items more accurately, quickly and easily.

January 2024


3DX-Ray will introduce their new smaller ThreatScan AS2 flat panel for their portable x-ray system this year (2024).

The new panel has been specifically designed for operators working in areas where access is very restricted.  A smaller footprint with a slightly improved resolution as its big brother, the AS1, using the latest glassless technology inside to reduce size and weight. It boasts an excellent dead zone cut-off, down to less than 3mm on two sides. Another advantage of the new panel is that its reduced size and weight make it ideal for backpacking and rapid deployment.

March 2024


3DX-Ray is pleased to announce that its established Axis-CXi system cabinet-style mail screening X-ray system is the first to fully integrate AI machine learning software functionality.

3DX-Ray, reaffirming its position as an innovator in security and screening technology, proudly announces that the official launch will take place at the prestigious 2024 Security and Policing event in Farnborough, a closed government organisation gathering, showcasing the latest advancements in security solutions..