Ferromagnetic contraband detection for correctional facilities

Walk By Metal Ferromagnetic contraband detection 3DX-Ray has launched a Walk By Metal Detector for its ferromagnetic contraband detection system. It reveals hidden mobile phones, weapons and contraband. It is also ideal for screening in public places, high footfall areas and mass events. Ferromagnetic contraband detection (FMDS or MAD – Magnetic Anomaly Detector) is ideal for correctional facilities. […]

Portable amorphous silicon x-ray security system

3DX-RAY has launched ThreatScan®-AS1 a portable amorphous silicon x-ray security and industrial system.  This lightweight system delivers very high-resolution images with excellent materials differentiation. FEATURES The ThreatScan®-AS1 was designed in cooperation with first responders and EOD teams.  It meets the real-world needs of security field operatives beautifully. It is quick to set up and easy to […]