INTERSEC 2022, 16-18 January 2022, Dubai

  3DX-Ray will be exhibiting at Intersec from 16-18 January 2022. Find us on stand S3-C43 where we will be showcasing our new AXIS-CXi cabinet x-ray scanning system. Intersec 2022 – register to visit

X-ray scanning in hotels

When you book into an hotel you expect a good night’s sleep.  But you also expect it to ensure your safety as well. Using x-ray mail scanning in hotels makes them safer and more secure.  With 3DX-Ray systems you can scan mail and baggage with the same equipment. Terrorist attacks are a serious threat worldwide.  […]

Businesses X-ray mail scanning ensures safety

Mail bombs, toxic chemicals, biological threats and other hazards are easy to send through the post.  As are hoax items. But they all cause serious disruption.  Businesses X-ray mail scanners can solve the problem.  They help keep employees safe and business running. Mail threats are anonymous. Multinational corporations, government offices and small independent companies are […]

x-ray Letter bomb & threat detection

Letter bombs and other threats are a constant menace. But they can be safely and easily identified by x-ray scanning your mail. The recent series of mail attacks on German food companies included three people injured at a Lidl supermarket headquarters.  A baby food manufacturer was also targeted.  It is a stark reminder. Two of […]

Corporate and hotel x-ray mail scanning

Postal  for corporate and hotel x-ray scanning mail devices, or hoax devices designed to look suspicious, create a lot of disruption to the targeted organisation. Terrorists and others wishing to cause harm or disruption have long used postal and courier services to deliver hazardous items to their targets. Threats concealed in envelopes and packages pose […]

Prison X-ray mail contraband detection for correctional facilities

Drugs, alcohol, threats, mobiles and cigarettes are common contraband in prisons and correctional facilities.  The volume of narcotics behind bars has tripled in recent years.  Prison X-ray mail is essential in these establishments.  Even the smallest items can be dangerous in the wrong hands.  Our x-ray mail screening systems are an ideal solution and fully […]

3DX-Ray and the PAS 97:2021 mail screening and security specification

We produce both conveyor and cabinet X-ray mail screening systems.  They are fully compatible with the new BSI PAS 97:2021 specification.  Much of the information on this page is summarized from BSI’s publications which can be downloaded here. The PAS 97:2021 specification helps identify and implement postal security and screening measures for any concern.  All […]

Axis™ mail conveyor and cabinet systems

Cabinet based mail and screening AXIS™-CXi is a cabinet based mail and screening x-ray system for detecting threats such as letterbombs, white-powders, contraband and other potentially harmful items. Large inspection chamber   Small footprint   High quality images   Materials discrimination Being mobile can even be easily moved around a building if necessary.  It provides […]

3DX-Ray Has Been Appointed Global Distributor for Serstech

3DX-Ray has been appointed global distributor for Serstech range of hand-held chemical detectors. Serstech is a Swedish technology company working in the field of chemical intelligence. They produce some of the world’s leading handheld chemical detectors that utilise the power of Raman spectroscopy. Serstech Products include the Serstech 100 Indicator, a hand-held, small, and light […]

Threatscan x-ray contraband detection

3DX-Ray Wins Contract with an Important US Federal Agency

3DX-Ray have announced winning an important contract for the sale of a ThreatScan®- LS3 System Combination Package to a major US Federal Agency. The contract is the first part of a framework for a further 12 systems. Following the successful delivery of the first complete system John Howell, 3DX-Ray’s IED/EOD Security Specialist said, “After completing […]