Product Description

Despite being remarkably lightweight, incredibly thin, portable and battery powered 3DX-RAY ’s ThreatScan®-LS1 is a powerful large format x-ray scanning system for a wide range of applications including the non-destructive inspection of paintings, antiques (including furniture) and items of scientific interest.

ThreatScan®-LS1 is also used to check for faults in batches of components for inspections by fire or forensic investigation teams, as well as security applications.

A smaller, more compact panel is also available in the ThreatScan®-LS3 system.


  • High penetration with sub-millimetre resolution (120kV or 150kV generator available)
  • Large area, resilient detector panel
  • Real-time images
  • Designed for rapid deployment and ease of use
  • Powerful image enhancement and analysis tools
  • Intuitive, user-friendly ThreatSpect software
  • Scans virtually to the floor (3mm above floor level)