Despite being remarkably lightweight, incredibly thin, portable and battery powered 3DX-RAY ’s ThreatScan®-LS1 is a powerful large format x-ray scanning system for a wide range of applications including the non-destructive inspection of paintings, antiques (including furniture) and items of scientific interest.

Quick and simple to deploy and use, the system produces extremely high quality, sub-millimeter resolution images in real-time for rapid and accurate decision making.

A smaller, more compact panel is also available in the ThreatScan®-LS3 system.

The ThreatScan® range is suitable for use in suspect bag and package inspection in locations such as mass transit rail and bus stations, shopping malls, airports, stadia and sports arenas. The system is also used for general security inspection by first responders such as Police, Military, Government Security agencies and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures.

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