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3DX-Ray announce a significant contract for ThreatScan®-LS3

3DX-Ray has announced a significant contract for the supply of 16 units of ThreatScan®-LS3 to an undisclosed southern European security agency, for use in EOD operations. 

 ThreatScan®-LS3 is a compact yet powerful x-ray scanning system that can penetrate steel up to 40mm at 120kV and up to 60mm at 150kV.  The 305mm x 256mm imaging area enables typical bags and packages to be scanned in one scan.  The complete system fits securely into a back pack. 

Designed for rapid deployment and ease of use, ThreatScan® systems operate with the intuitive and user-friendly ThreatSpect software to produce high quality, sub-millimetre resolution images. 

The ThreatScan®-LS3 is designed so that the operative can achieve accurate highquality images quickly and efficiently. Typically, these systems will be used to inspect suspect bags and packages in locations such as mass transit rail and bus stations, shopping malls, airports, stadia and sports arenas. 

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3DX-RAY LTD, CEO, Vincent Deery said: “These units have been purchased as a repeat order for an existing client. This is important to us because it demonstrates a continued faith in our products and after sales service from EOD technicians that use our systems routinely”