Product Description

Thorough physical searches of vehicles can take anything up to 8 hours. It can take just as long to rebuild the vehicle. The 3DX-RAY SVXi vehicle scanner system enables security personnel to thoroughly inspect vehicles – even sealed units – in minutes.

Rapidly deployed and suitable for vehicles up to the size of a small van, SVXi produces high quality images with sub-millimetre resolution in a single pass. The entire operation can be controlled from a remote laptop. The easy-to-use, sophisticated software enables images to be zoomed, panned and processed to enable rapid assessment of any potential risk. Deep focus and the ability to highlight specific materials also aids assessment speeds.

The SVXi is mobile and can be mounted on anything from multi-terrain vehicles to low-cost motorised trailers. SVXi can be deployed quickly at key locations to combat smuggling and terrorism or it can be used for spot checks across an entire region. A fixed unit configuration is also available.


  • Screens the whole vehicle up to the size of a small van
  • Quick to set up, quick to scan
  • Real-time sub-millimetre images
  • Mobile and static unit options
  • Typical set up time: 15 minutes
  • Typical scan time: one minute
  • Real-time image on laptop screen
  • Sub-millimetre image resolution
  • Simple to use image processing
  • Mobile system for flexible deployment
  • Suitable for event and venue security, enabling easy whole-vehicle searches