Catalytic converters: x-ray inspection for quality and process control

For manufacturers, the ability to check the quality of the wash coat applied to the core substrate of a catalytic converter is essential. It’s also important to monitor trends in the manufacturing process so that you can reduce wastage, minimise scrap and optimise the use of expensive materials.

3DX-RAY solutions – designed specifically for the manufacture of catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters – provide a non-destructive way of seeing inside objects. Sophisticated image capture and processing software can not only ‘see’ sub-millimetre details inside an object, they can provide valuable data for quality and process control.

The MDXi x-ray system measures substrate coatings and multiple wash coats to identify artefacts and defects (distributions, overlaps and voids). Better still, this is all done in real time, providing 100% inspection at full production line speed.


  • Optional robot compatibility and PLC control
  • Proven to be industrially robust
  • A comprehensive software suite is provided for analysis, data tracking and record recovery. Images can be viewed visually and/or used for automatic analysis
  • Rapid feedback from the system can be relayed to control the manufacturing processes
  • MDXi software can be tailored to meet bespoke customer applications and requirements

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