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 portable x-ray system x-rays suspect item in car

FlatScan-15 x-rays suspect item in car (video)

Mobile phone IED

Mobile phone IED

x-ray of IED in rucksack

IED in rucksack

Stash can IED

IED in can

X-ray through car

x-ray of vehicle

X-ray of vehicle


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  Explosives Ordnance Disposal

FlatScan-TPXi deployed  by bomb squadFlatScan portable x-ray systems and SVXi small vehicle x-ray inspection system enable first responders and EOD teams to accurately identify threat and non-threat items.



FlatScan portable x-ray screening



Portable x-ray screening

FlatScan-15 portable x-ray system

  • Large slim robust detector panel
  • 535mm x 412mm imaging area
  • Typically penetrates 29mm steel at 120kV and 40mm at 160kV
  • Compact robust detector panel
  • 297mm x 206mm imaging area
  • Typically penetrates 29mm steel at 120kV and 40mm at 160kV
 Download datasheet  Download datasheet


Portable, lightweight high-resolution x-ray systems 

  • Quick and simple to deploy
  • Immediate high resolution direct digital images
  • Simple to use, intuitive software
  • Real-time sub-millimetre resolution images
  • Powerful image enhancement and analysis tools
  • Wireless option as standard (radio, wired and fibre optic cable options)
  • Real-time remote-from-site viewing for backup
  • Tripods and other accessories available
FlatScan-15 x-rays threat item FlatScan-15 x-rays suspect item in car x-raying suspect box with portable FlatScan-TPXi

Real-time high resolution x-ray images of threat item (video)

FlatScan-15 x-rays suspect item in car (video) FlatScan-TPXi x-rays suspect item (video)


Click here for further information about portable x-ray inspection of vehicles for EOD

more information

 SVXi vehicle x-ray inspection

x-ray vehicle scannerA mobile rapid deployment vehicle x-ray inspection system suitable for vehicles up to the size of a small van.

 Download datasheet


  • Quick and cost effective means of screening vehicles
  • No need to hand-search the contents or to move the vehicle
  • Screens vehicle up to the size of a large van
  • Available as a fixed or mobile system
  • Mobile system deployable within 15 minutes
  • Complies with ANSI N43-17 standard for screening personnel

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